Mapleton Township History

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, boundary lines were surveyed, and the subdivision known as Mapleton Township was formed. Located just north of Sioux Falls, many of Mapleton Township’s original settlers came from Meraker, Norway. The pioneer farmer of Mapleton was a man named John Nelson. Born in Norway, John immigrated to the United States in 1854. He lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota before settling his homestead in Minnehaha County in 1866, located within section 25 of Mapleton Township.

Shortly thereafter, the first Township post office, called Republican, was established and John served as its postmaster for 11 years. The old Milwaukee Railroad ran through the entire length of the Township from north to south with its first station, called Renner, being established in 1898. The Township area, well-watered by the Big Sioux River, Slip Up Creek and their tributaries, offered early settlers' rich soils, perfect for farming.

To this day, over one hundred and fifty years since Nelson settled here, people continue to live, socialize, worship, and do business within Mapleton Township. The Township has a population of over 1,900 people living within its rural Minnehaha Country boundary lines and is actively governed by a Board of Supervisors who meet monthly to discuss and carry forward Township business.

Established in 2023 and located on the boundary line of sections 23 and 26 of Mapleton Township, we are excited to announce the formation of Mapletøn Golf Club. We can only dream and aspire that in 150 years’ time, Mapletøn Golf Club will too be steeped in rich history and tradition like that of its namesake.

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Township Map
Renner Church

Mapleton Golf Club
2601 S Minnesota Ave
Suite 105-154
Sioux Falls, SD 57105