Welcome to the Mapletøn Golf Club Construction Blog! We will be posting regular updates and pictures throughout the development process. We hope you enjoy following along as we work to bring Mapletøn to life!

Mapletøn Golf Club

March 25th – April 7th, 2024

The last week of March brought our first "weather days" of the spring 2024 season. The Sioux Falls area received some much-needed moisture around the Easter Holiday Weekend and a couple days off were needed to dry out the site. During this two week period, the focus of work included: Mass Earthwork/...
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Mapletøn Golf Club

March 2024 Update

Just 60 days after turning the dozers off for winter, the crew from Soukup Construction was back at it on February 26th. Yes you read that right. February 26th. In South Dakota. The frost is out of the ground and the temperatures have been consistently mild. The team has been able to work unimpeded ...
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Mapletøn Golf Club

December 2023 Update

On October 30th, 2023 the first dozer was unloaded at sunrise and work commenced at the 10th green. The beginning of construction was the culmination of fifteen months of intense planning and coordination along with the genuine excitement and support of the local community. The same afternoon, despi...
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